Heather Cassano - the computer connection

Episode 7: Heather Cassano - the computer connection

Heather Cassano is one of the leading women in the computer field - a designer who understands how humans interact with humans in a positive way.

Show notes

Heather has served for over two decades as a product design leader at technology companies like Google, Meta, Pearson and Yahoo. She understands that when a person uses a computer, they are making thousands of personal choice in what they look at. Her insight into psychology and technology give consumers the most positive experience possible when they open up that laptop. No one understands better the fact that we are shaped by what we read on line. A powerhouse in the industry, Heather was featured in "Profiles of Women in Human Computer Interaction" by the Anita Borg Institute at Carnegie Mellon University for women in the field of Human Computer Interaction who have broken through the “glass ceiling” in the industry. Heather is passionate about building inclusive teams and products, and has led the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Councils for several organizations, working to increase diverse representation and build more inclusive and accessible products. In addition to her day jobs, Heather has taught as an adjunct professor and guest lecturer at Harvard, UCLA, Marist College, and Yale School of Management. She holds an MFA from Bennington College, a bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology from Boston College, and is the primary inventor on two patents.

Produced by Kitty Pilgrim, Matty Rosenberg, and Jennifer Hammoud @ Radio Free Rhinecliff



Heather Cassano

Heather Cassano

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